You use the software "as-is". Features may come, features may go. The service as a whole might go down. There might be bugs, and you might lose your data.

You login via Google. Google does not send us your credentials thus we don't store them. We fetch your full name and your primary email-address from Google and store them. After you set up a synchronisation, the robot fetches at regular intervals all your tasks and all updates to your tasks. The robot creates, modifies and deletes tasks on your behalf. We store a copy of your recent tasks on our servers. We don't store deleted or obsolete data.

As usual these days the web-server logs all your interactions ("requests"). The robot additionaly logs all what he does.

Use the website as intended. Don't abuse, don't hack!

The service is programmed by Caspar Duregger as herr.kaste,
Hammarskjöldring 135,
60439 Frankfurt, Germany